7 Business Ideas You Can Start Without Money – Start A Business Without Money

Have you ever wondered How To Start A Business Without Money? What it would be like to run your own business and be your own boss and have unlimited earning potential?

Many people dream of this type of lifestyle yet succumb to the challenges that come with being a business owner, They struggle with the unreliable paycheck. The risk of lawsuits but there is one factor that acts as the ultimate gatekeeper for people considering starting their own business.

The cost many people believe that in order to start your own business you need thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars and while this may have been true in past decades.

It certainly isn’t today and in this article, I will share with you 7 business ideas you can start a business without money.

Start A Business Without Money

7 Business Ideas You Can Start Without Money - Start A Business Without Money

1. Freelance Writing

Freelance writers are people who can create written content independently. They do not belong to or work for any magazine, newspaper, TV station, radio station, or any other organization.

These Freelancers do not write for just one client, they can write for as many clients as they can handle each piece of writing exclusively belongs to the client that hired them for the particular project.

This is a great business and you can start with no money as I said earlier all you need is your smartphone a computer and chances are you already owned both of these things.

Here’s how you start first you have to be a good writer?

If you’re not then you can brush up on your writing skills by watching YouTube tutorials and reading articles that will show you the tricks of the trade because without the skill no one will hire you to write for them.

Secondly, you have to put together some writing samples the reason you should do this is that when potential clients reach out to you with a writing gig they will want to see samples of your previous work.

So they can see for themselves how well you write and determine. If you’ll be able to do their jobs properly now that you have a couple of samples in hand, you must begin to market your services.

The truth is it will be hard to be hired if no one knows you exist luckily there are several platforms to which you can showcase your skills and samples.

These platforms include UpWork, Fiverr freelancer, and LinkedIn. There are thousands maybe millions of individuals and business owners who are on these platforms looking for freelance writers to hire.

All you have to do is create an account on each of these platforms and set up your profile. Your profile should clearly state your abilities and writing experience. You can also use your other social media platforms to sell yourself.

You can join writing communities on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. There are also potential clients swimming in those waters. As for your working tools, you can install good office software on your laptop. So you can type and save your documents.

If you don’t have a laptop it is still not a problem you can install the Microsoft Office app on your phone and type away. The best part is the money you can make.

Freelance writers can make as much as $5,000 writing a single 10,000 words ebook, you can also make as much as 500 to a thousand dollars writing a single sales letter. It’s a great business and when I highly recommend it if you are a skilled writer.

2. eBook Writing

eBook author similar to freelance writer and the eBook author is also in the rating business in this case they aren’t looking for clients to write for they are looking for readers to buy their books.

So many authors have made fortunes for themselves writing and selling ebooks and you can do the great thing about being an e-book business is that you don’t have to be on the Shakespearean level to be successful.

Your ebook could be about anything ranging from your personal experience to fiction it, could also be about giving helpful tips and niches that you’re really good at like fitness, health, fashion designing, music, production and agriculture, accounting, etc.

The first thing you need to do is develop an awesome idea for your book. This idea needs to be very entertaining or very informative.  If it is in your book could get positive reviews from first-time readers who will eventually recommend it to others.

Secondly, you must write the book and publish it on as many ebook stores as you can the most popular being Amazon Kindle. These online bookstores will not charge you a dime to have your book published on their platforms.

However, they will take a commission from every unit sold. You can fill your sales efforts by leveraging your social media each similar to if you are trying to get leads for an online course or service you are selling.

When it comes to earnings ebooks usually sell for between $2.99 and $9.99 which isn’t a lot as a single instance but when you can multiply these sales exponentially you will be making more money than you could ever imagine.

3. Affiliate Marketing

3rd Business Idea is Affiliate Marketing. This is one of the best businesses and you can start without money for those who don’t know Affiliate Marketing is the process of selling someone else’s goods or services and earning a commission for each sale or clicks.

It’s a very simple and straightforward business and anyone can start it. It is also very effective as 81% of brands at 84% of publishers leverage the power of affiliate marketing.

There is also a 10% percent increase in affiliate marketing spend every year in the USA and that figure is expected to keep rising.

Now that I’ve got your attention here’s how it works the affiliate marketer promotes a person’s or business’s products then gets a commission. When they make a sale or when their promotions lead to a click or subscription.

The sales are usually tracked via affiliate links from one website to another and as promised you don’t need any money to get started in this business. All you need is your time your smartphone and a willingness to vigorously market other people’s products and services.

With affiliate marketing, you can make money even when you’re asleep as long as all the marketing work has already been done. Another advantage of affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to deal with customers.

When they have complaints about a product or service that is love for the owners of the service or goods to deal with it you can earn money and still be at peace customer satisfaction is not your concern. Your job is simply to link buyers to sellers.

4. Social Media Influencer

Social Media Influencer is a person who has a large or loyal following on social media platforms and is able to convert followership into patronage. Their ability to influence or followers purchasing decisions is based on their authority.

They have in specific areas knowledge in a particular niche and general relationship. They have with them in the modern-day.

Social Media Influencers are paid a lot of money to promote or market goods and services all because they can convince people on social media to buy a product or use a service as of January 2021 it was estimated that about 4.4 billion people use social media that’s about 45% of the world’s population.

What does this statistic tell you? It means social media is a pool filled with potential customers and many brands and businesses understand this, for this reason, being a social media influencer has become a very rewarding full-time job.

If you have a social media account with a decent following or you’re an expert in a particular field and you consistently post content relating to that field then you can tap into this business to influencers can be grouped by the following the number of followers.

They have the consistency with which they post a particular type of content and as their actual influencer, you do not need any money to start this business.

All you need are your social media accounts your followers and of course the brands that will pay you to promote their products or services on your pages.

You may be wondering how you’d get brands to contact you for paid posts and the answer is that you shouldn’t wait for them to contact you. You should contact them you can start off by reaching up to two or three brands and offer to talk about their products on your pages for free with the hopes of doing business with them.

In the future, if you help these brands convert followership to sales they will definitely reach out to you again but this time not for free for paid promotions instead also your free posts for these brands will attract other brands.

5. Podcasting

Over the years Podcasting has grown into big business. Some podcasts are an hour-long while some are just 10 minutes but the link isn’t the only thing that matters.

It’s a value you offer your listeners that counts offering value to your listeners means growing a fanbase and brands and businesses are on the lookout for podcasts that have large or loyal followings.

So how do you start a podcast well the first thing you need to do is carve out a niche for yourself. So you won’t be a jack-of-all-trades.

Secondly, you need to record a few episodes or at least a month’s worth of content lastly you need to seek sponsorship or advertisers for your podcasts.

This won’t be easy but if you manage to secure one advertiser or sponsor then it’ll be smooth sailing from there you can also use your podcast to advertise and sell your digital products or other people’s products.

This is a great way to use your podcaster and some money even before a sponsor comes along if you’re wondering what expensive equipment.

You need to start a money-making podcast then you’ll be happy to know that you can start to record podcast episodes with just your smartphone and can buy more equipment as you see fit.

6. YouTube Channel

YouTube channel similar to a podcaster you can make youtube videos using your phone which makes this another business you can start with no money.

The key to making money on YouTube is to consistently post interesting videos and begin to grow a loyal following to start. I recommend you pick a niche like how I’ve chosen the finance and money management niche and Center your YouTube videos around it.

As a YouTuber, you can earn from sponsors advertisers and by selling your digital products or someone else’s digital or physical products through your videos.

It’s a business that I obviously can stand by and trust me if I can do it so can you?

7. Voice Over Producer 

A lot of people don’t know about voice-over producers, but the voice-over business is one that has proven to be very lucrative think about all the cartoons you have ever watched or all the advertisements you have ever heard on the radio. There are voices behind each and every one of them.

If you’ve got a voice you know how to use and you can be part of this industry as well the good news is you do not need any money to get into this business just like freelance writers you can create profiles and platforms like UpWork, Fiverr, LinkedIn, and freelancer.com and get to work on these platforms exists not just individuals but big brands as well who may want your services.

So why not convert your vocal ability to cash all you need to do is record a few samples. So potential clients can see whether your voice will satisfy their needs and this can easily be done using your smartphone then you can start working with clients and make a great income.

As some voice-over artist can make up to $100 in just an hour of work and there you have it seven business ideas to Start A Business Without Money that will be sure to have your income increasing in no time.

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