Important Tips And Tricks For Beginner Bloggers 2021

Now days Blogging is the best way to Make Money Online. Especially when you start your blog with WordPress.

There is a way, if a person wants to earn money sitting at home, then blogging is the best way for him.

Nowadays someone is blogging and many people want to come into this field. If you also have your own blog, If you want to make your own blog, it is very important to tell you some things.

We are going to explain in this post “16 Important Tips and Tricks for beginner Bloggers“.

Do you want to create your own blog?

So, let me tell you that it is very easy to create a blog these days because you will find a lot of tools that can help you create your blog easily.

If we talk about what’s the hardest part of it, success is, yes friends, I’m telling you from my blogging career experience that it’s hard to succeed, but not impossible.

So if you want to make your own blog, you can simply follow this easy 12 steps guide and quickly start your own blog without any coding and experience.

We are going to explain in this post “16 important Tips and Tricks for beginner bloggers”.

Both Blogging and YouTube are great ways to make money online, blogging is a feature, but YouTube is not a feature because there are regular changes in the YouTube Policies.

It shows that YouTube has no credibility. No, but blogging is one way you can make a lot of money. You can also check 10 YouTube Channel Ideas For Online Earning.

There are thousands of websites and blogs all over the internet world and many of them are earning millions of rupees with its help, and hundreds of blogs are being created every day to make good drinks from it.

But only a few of them manage to make their blog usable by maintaining it in a good way. In fact, in order to be successful in blogging, it is very important to know something to tell a new blogger.

If you want to be successful in any task, complete it by considering that task as a race. There are many competitions in blogging. To lead any blog to a successful path at this time is to win a huge competition.

If you are planning to create a blog or have already created your own blog, we are going to tell you some special and important tips.

I am going to tell you all these tips based on my experience, if you follow them, you will soon find success in blogging.

16 Important Tips And Tricks For Beginner Bloggers In 2021.

1. Success doesn’t happen overnight:

It is very important for a new blogger to know that success is not achieved quickly after creating a blog. You cannot become a good blogger overnight. You have to work hard.

2. Start at least one blog:

If you are creating your own blog for the first time, create one blog, and work in it means you can create multiple blogs at the beginning, then success will be very difficult for you.

3. Tell your story to the audience:

If someone visits your blog for the first time and they like your blog, they will want to know about you, so here is a description of yourself on the About us page of your blog. Let me know, if you can, tell you a little about yourself in a post.

4. To Be your audience:

Visit your blog not as an admin but as a visitor and think about what would be better in it, this way you can make your blog useful and good-looking.

5. Write Original Content:

When a new blog is created, it is often in the cycle of copy-paste, in doing, so they are destroying their future, if you want to become a powerful blogger, never add copy-paste content to your blog.

6. Understand your audience:

Try to get to know and understand all the readers or visitors who come to your blog. I meant that your visitor likes this kind of post and improvises their suggestions on your blog.

7. Don’t choose many topics for one blog:

First, I would like to tell you that the topic on which you have an interest and good information, make it a niche and move on, and in doing so I will tell you that you’re blogging will be one hundred percent successful in the goal.

8. Write as if you are teaching someone:

Whenever you write an article or post for your blog, you should write in the same way that our teachers teach us.

9. Choose the Top Level Domain (TLD):

Many people prefer the domains of .rocks, .biz, .co, etc., it is very easy to buy and can be found for a small amount of money, most of you will be at the top level. Select the domain name like, “.com, .net, .org“.

10. Organic Traffic:

When you have organic traffic and you have organic traffic, and if you want to get to the top of your blog in no time, don’t be stingy in spending money, invest money to buy a domain, hosting, design and writer will hire.

11. Blogging is very hard:

Many people find that blogging is very easy and requires a lot of travel, so let me tell you that a successful blogger has to travel all over the world, but now you are new and if you pay attention to it, success will be very difficult.

12. Blogging requires time:

If you don’t have time and you have created a blog, it will not only benefit you but it will definitely hurt you.

13. Nobody is going to care about “you”:

If you have written a few posts on your own blog and people are not supporting you, then you should not pay attention to this thing, you should not see why there is no comment in my blog. Coming back, you have to keep publishing your new post regularly.

15. Be consistent:

I see that when someone doesn’t get support even after having good content in the blog, they stop working on the blog, it shouldn’t be done because you have written the post with hard work. His result will definitely come one day or another.

16. Keep going:

First of all, I am telling you about myself that I never see the traffic of my blog because my goal is not to get traffic but to give helpful information to people.

If not today then tomorrow I will benefit from it. Will That’s why I would also like to tell you that on your Facebook page, there are not only ten likes and twenty visitors in the blog, but all these will work for you to quit blogging.


Blogging is becoming more and more difficult with the passage of time. So if you want to see yourself as a successful blogger, you will need to work hard, you can only succeed in blogging by competing now. Yes, and read carefully what is said and try to follow it.

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