How to Backup Your Website – 5 Ways To Backup Your Website 2021

Nothing lasts forever, especially when you don’t have a proper backup of your website. If you build a personal or business website using one of my recommended web hosting services, you will enjoy and get a website with excellent uptime, reliability with the cheapest pricing.

However, that does not prevent a Destructive server failure, a hacked website, or accidentally deleted website data or files. You don’t want that in any condition. Am I right?

In that case, if you have your website backup, you can easily restore your website to its normal state, to a time before destruction ensued. You can also find The Ultimate List Of Profitable Niches 2021 – eBook for free.

Most businesses should be especially keen on backing up their websites; after all, you don’t want to lose sales orders or inventory records due to an unfortunate happening. That’s money lost and your business will be in a catastrophic state.

Fortunately, creating a proper backup of the website is a relatively simple try. It’s just a matter of deciding how you are going to do it, and how often. Once the backup process is done, you will need to keep your backup in a safe place, such as an internal/external hard drive or any cloud storage.

Ready to learn How To Backup Your Website ?

1. Backup Your Website Using FTP Client (Filezilla)

The standard way to backup your website is also the method that requires the most knowledge. Manually backing up your website requires using an FTP client to move the website files to your local computer. We recommend FTP client Filezilla. Here’s how it work.

  1. Download and open FileZilla FTP Client.
  2. Fill in the Host, User name, and Password fields. The host is your website domain name or server IP address, while the username and password are the same credentials used to access your website control panel / cPanel.
  3. Click “Quickconnect button.” Once you do, you will see a set of folders that represents your website in Filezilla bottom-right side.
  4. Navigate to the “Public_html” folder. Right-click it to open a contextual menu.
  5. Select “Download” to copy the public_html folder to your PC.
  6. Alternatively, if you’re using a WordPress website, download the WP-Content directory and the WP-Config.php file.

How to Backup Your Website - 5 Ways To Backup Your Website 2021

The problem with this manual backup method is that it’s manual. You will need to retrace these steps whenever you want to make a website backup.

Also, it’s not the most simple method, which may be a problem depending on your technical knowledge. Plus It’s a little bit painful to create and download backup with FTP client.

2. Backup Your Website Using cPanel

Many web hosting providers use cPanel. cPanel is a user-friendly, control panel frontend with many push-button options.

As you may have surmised, it also lets you to create backup of your website. cPanel backups are also technically manual backups, but they are easier to perform than using the FTP client.

Follow the below steps to create a website backup using cPanel.

1. Log into your web hosting cPanel control panel.

2. Goto the “Files” section and click “Backup button.”

How to Backup Your Website - 5 Ways To Backup Your Website 2021

3. Click “Download a Full Website Backup button.” There are also options to do partial backups that include just home directory or SQL databases backups.

This is particularly very useful, as it shortens the download times associated with large website or database’s backups.

How to Backup Your Website - 5 Ways To Backup Your Website 2021

4. Now Select “Home Directory” as your backup destination, and then enter your email address so you can receive a email notification when the backup is complete.

5. Click “Generate Backup” button to start the backup process.

How to Backup Your Website - 5 Ways To Backup Your Website 2021

6. Click “Go Back.” button and You will see a link that displays “Backups Available For Download.” From here, you can download the website backup as archive file.

If your website in WordPress that require an extra step. In the “Databases” section, click “phpMyAdmin“.

How to Backup Your Website - 5 Ways To Backup Your Website 2021

Now select your website database. Click “Export.” and click “Go” button to download database backup as SQL file.

How to Backup Your Website - 5 Ways To Backup Your Website 2021

This is not an automated backup method. You must need to execute a backup manually on a regular basis but almost all web hosting providers offer automatic backup for their mid price plan.

So if you buy a web hosting that offer automatic website backup, you can setup it as per your needs.

To do this find auto backup option on your cPanel.

How to Backup Your Website - 5 Ways To Backup Your Website 2021

When you open auto backup here you can see all your website’s backups automatically created by web hosting provider. You can choose backup date wise means daily, weekly or monthly backups.

How to Backup Your Website - 5 Ways To Backup Your Website 2021

3. Backup Your WordPress Website Using a PlugIn

If you have a WordPress based website, You can use a number of WordPress plugins to auto and manual backup of your website and UpdraftPlus is one of the popular plugin.

This is a very simple and easy to use WordPress website backup plugin.

  1. Install UpdraftPlus, and activate it.
  2. Go to “Settings” and click the UpdraftPlus tab.
  3. Click “Backup Now” button to create a downloadable backup as archive file.

UpdraftPlus has other feature that enhance the backup experience more excited. You can use the plugin to backup your website on a set schedule, removing the manual backup hassle.

You can also link UpdraftPlus to a many cloud storage account’s, So that your backup files will be automatically upload there. UpdraftPlus makes the entire website backup process wonderfully simple.

4. Backup Your Website Using a Third-Party Service

The next step, I think the easiest step, is to signup for a third party managed backup service. These are third-party services, such as Backup-Machine, Code-guard, and Dropmysite, that handle the backup process for you. The steps may vary slightly different from service to service.

  1. Create a account with the third-party back up service.
  2. Click “Add Website.”
  3. Supply the information to software with your domain, username, and password credentials.
  4. Select the root directory.
  5. Click the backup icon.

That’s it! These apps automatically backup your website on a set schedule. Depending on the services or plan, you can change the backup time to one that you prefer.

There is a literal price to pay for this hands off approach, though. Code-Guard has a $5 per/month for Personal Plan that lets you create a daily backup only one website.

Dropmysite’s is cheapest option only at $29.99 per year, but it lets you make unlimited websites backups and databases on a daily basis.

Backup-Machine has a free tier with monthly basis backups. It also has premium options that offer backups with increased frequency. Research these third-party services to see the full scope of their offerings and choose which one is suitable for you.

5. Back It Up and Breathe Easier

Those are just a few methods to back up your website. The complex backup options also become easier once you’ve worked with them a few times.

We recommend backing up your website on a weekly basis not on daily basis, but if you frequently update your website content, or are involved in e-commerce, you should consider daily basis backups.

In most cases, restoring your website is as easy as changing the backup process. You simply log in to your website’s control panel and upload the saved files back to the website’s home directory. In the case of cPanel and WordPress plugin options, you will usually find restore options along with backup options. Hopefully, restoring your site will be a rare occurrence.

Hope you like these backup options. If you have any question please ask in the comment section and also subscribe my blog for latest upcoming superb content.

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