Free Download Unlimited Animated Wallpapers For Windows 10

Everyone wants to make their computer screen attractive and for this they use different themes and wallpapers. They change Windows Themes, Icons, wallpapers and they do a lot of things that make their computer look very attractive.

But you know that instead of doing all this, if you just put a nice live wallpaper on your computer screen, it will make your computer screen very attractive and beautiful.

There are many live wallpapers available on the Internet, but downloading them and then putting them on a computer screen can be a daunting task and most users are unable to do that and As a result, they are no longer able to use live wallpapers on their computer screens.

So, here I will tell you a simple way to apply Live Wallpaper on your computer screen and I will tell you How you can download Unlimited Animated Wallpapers For Windows 10 for free.

This is a very simple method and everyone can do it easily. So Lets get started. You can also read 10 Secret Tips Of Microsoft Windows 10.

Free Download Unlimited Animated Wallpapers For Windows 10


  1. Download RainWallpaper Software
  2. Extract The File By Using WinRAR or WinZip
  3. Run the Setup file 
  4. Click Next button 3 times
  5. After the installation Tick Launch RainWallpaper
  6. Click Finish Button

That’s it. When you open RainWallpaper for the first time by default you will only see two wallpapers but you can download unlimited wallpapers for your PC.


To download unlimited Wallpapers you need to create a free account of DeviantArt. Don’t be panic it’s very simple method to create a Free account in DeviantArt.

  1. Just Open DeviantArt website
  2. Click on Join from right top side
  3. Fill Simple Form
  4. Provide your valid information
  5. Confirm your email 
  6. That’s Done

Free Download Unlimited Animated Wallpapers For Windows 10


Now open RainWallpaper software and click on Download Wallpapers, Login with your DeviantArt ID and download unlimited wallpapers for free.Free Download Unlimited Animated Wallpapers For Windows 10


Now, you can download and use unlimited live wallpapers for your desktop PC and Laptop.

If you are having any problem then watch this video below and you will understand everything.

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