Cool Trending Gadgets 2021 | 12 New Gadgets From Ali Express | Best Cool Gadgets

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Cool Trending Gadgets 2021

Cool Trending Gadgets 2021 | 12 New Gadgets From Ali Express | Best Cool Gadgets

1. USB Type C Hub 

So let’s go 6 in 1 USB C hub suitable for tablet, Notebook, Computer, and Mobile Phone also compatible with magic  keyboard and Mouse.

This hub has an independent  switch to converse energy when not in use. The self-adaptive flat bend angle does not block the screen and fits snugly in the socket made of  aviation alloy the same texture.

2. USB C Docking Station

As you tablet includes two USB interfaces so you can connect a variety of USB devices at the same time also you can convert your Tab into Work Station. Are you worry know more about those files on your memory stick?

USB C Docking station all in one meet all your needs like video gigabit, ethernet, PD power supply, USB, USBC and audio ports ETC and Multi-screen extension support triple display.

It supported mirroring extended mode multiple ways to use random combination computer, mobile phone, iPad Pro, and other devices can be connected at the same time.

3. USB Socket Home Projector

It is home projector with android  OS, stereo speakers, auto focus, and auto keystone support connection like Play Station 4, Udisk, Gamepad, mouse, HD, DVD, network HD player, smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop computer, and speakers.

4. A4 Zipped Notebook Pad Folio

A4 pad folio with zipper manager bag with wireless charger made of PU leather available for wire and wireless charging for all types of cell phones come with the folder with charging wire.

5. Bio Metric Finger Print Lock

Bluetooth biometric fingerprint lock with keys. This is biometric fingerprint lock with mechanical keys which means no worry the battery support with TT lock app also compatible with Alexa, Google home and smart watch compatible with old mortise size. It is easy to replace original lock without any damage.

6. Dash Board Head Unit For Audi

Android car instrument dashboard head unit rowdy cars. This product is specially designed for Audi models with option to get custom background.

7. LED Table Lamp

Magnetic stepless dimming charging desk lamp pro magnetic design with 24 hours long battery life with adjustable light angles brightness stepless adjustment with no blue light hazard no visible strobing with interactive touch control.

8. Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Modern portable column Bluetooth speaker sound box with LED display alarm clock. The colorful breathing nightlight that flashes with the rhythm of the music makes this bluetooth speaker at atmosphere to the surrounding environment it is a very decorative small speaker.

9. Keyboard Dicking Station

Keyboard docking station 10 in one docking station perfectly for your type C laptop. You can connect you audio, USB 3.0, SDTF, RJ45, HDMI, VGA, and USB C power.

10. Phone Bluetooth Stabilizer 

phone bluetooth Stabiliser mobile phone photography stabiliser can effectively prevent the shake of the mobile phone when shooting especially when using video to ensure the stability of the picture. You can adjust the position of the center point of the lens by sliding up down left and right.

11. Luxury Long Handle Umbrella 

Luxury long handle umbrella is new style long umbrella luxury and elegant design lightweight for women semi-automatic button one press to open.

12. Wireless Joystick For Phone

So wireless joystick for phone. This bluetooth gamma pad is compatible with multi-platform games support for android smartphones, iOS, TV boxes, Playstation 3, laptops, and PC.

It has the advantage of being able to download the support handle game directly and it can be connected directly to the phone without root support Windows XP Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 10 computer laptop easy installation without software plug and play it works great for many old and new pc games.

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